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Publishing Services

BookLogix offers a complete range of publishing support. Learn more below:


Many professionals come to us knowing that they want to write a book, but don't know where to start or what form the book should take. BookLogix will assist with developing the book concept, author platform,  target audience, value proposition, marketability, and organization for the overall text of the book...


The goal of editing—in addition to correcting  grammatical and mechanical errors—is to ensure that the text meets publishing standards, flows logically, engages the readers, an is a professional product. Additionally, BookLogix strives to keep your voice as intact as possible to make sure the book still "sounds" like you.

Design + Illustration

The cover is the reader's first impression of the book and/or author, so it's important to have a cover that is original, professional, and fits the feel of the book. BookLogix can design covers, recommend illustrators, and design the layout of your book to unify it as a whole.

Book Registration

Let us take care of your book’s critical publishing registrations.

eBooks + Audiobooks

We can convert your book into major eBook formats and create professional audiobook recordings.

Selling + Distribution

BookLogix can help sell your books through online sellers, distributors, and retailers.



We take our books through an extensive proofing process.