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Selling + Distribution


BookLogix pays authors 100% of royalties.

Royalties are paid for each copy sold. Sales are tracked and reports are issued on a quarterly basis.

While BookLogix will provide guidance on a suggested selling price for your book and eBook, author determines the selling price of the book.

Please note, BookLogix Premiere Publishing (hybrid publishing path) royalties may vary. 

Online Selling

BookLogix can submit an author’s book to Baker & Taylor's database.

eBook editions will be made available for purchase online through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and the BookLogix BookStore.

BookLogix will consult with author to determine the selling and list price for the print and eBook editions, assisting the author in determining the price of the book based on genre and page count. This allows the author to maximize both the number of books sold and the highest profitability.

Royalty payments for online selling are paid to author on a quarterly basis. Author will receive a sales report detailing print and eBook copies sold during the quarter and royalties earned for those sales.

Bookstore & Retail Sales

BookLogix can submit books to wholesalers such as Baker & Taylor and more, and pitch the book to bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, and targeted retailers.

BookLogix can receive and fulfill orders from bookstores  and retailers for copies of your book. Retailers and bookstores can contact BookLogix directly for order fulfillment. Bookstore or author is responsible for cost of shipping; BookLogix will not cover the cost of shipping books to retailers/bookstores.

Print-On-Demand Selling

Print-On-Demand Selling, also known as POD, is a process in which copies of your book are printed as orders come in, and the books are packaged and shipped to the buyer immediately after printing. The author does not have to print a supply of books that then need to be stored somewhere. This option is more effective for softcover books.

POD is a great cost-saving solution, and also a green solution, as we will only print enough books needed to fill incoming orders, so there's no risk of over-printing.

Ship-On-Demand Selling

Ship-On-Demand Selling, also known as SOD, is a process in which a supply of your books is printed and then stored (inventoried), and copies are used to fulfill orders once orders come in. This is an ideal option if the author is publishing hardcover books. Inventory/storage fees may apply.